Customer Satisfaction Pilot Studies and Analysis

Comparisons Over Time

When ASCI information has been collected for more than one year, the satisfaction scores for one year can be compared to the previous year's scores. A comparison of scores from different years answers the question, Is there a difference in customer satisfaction from year to year? This comparison is calculated by taking all the ASCI scores and running a test that compares these average scores. Given these were the first pilot studies these data could not be analyzed over time. However, analyses conducted in Connecticut provided valuable information about their progress in improving customer service.


Examining customer satisfaction scores over time can provide a clear indication of the impact of interventions designed to improve customer satisfaction. Did the satisfaction scores go up to a significant or practical degree? That is, did the intervention have a positive impact? A negative impact? No impact? Such information provides a basis for future remedial action.


Some comparisons over time, although they might yield a statistically significant result, may not be appropriate. Differing staffing levels, new policies, economic factors and other environmental factors such as a major plant closing or major, and new employer moving into the region are examples of factors that may impact customer attitudes regardless of the actual quality of the service received (e.g., "I got a job, what do I care if they have lousy service" Or, conversely, "I don't care how nice and prompt they are, I still don't have a job."). Supplementary information, such as the local unemployment rate for each time period, can provide a context for reading the data.

Another consideration for this method is that data must be stored and protected. Data from years past must be carefully archived and protected from corruption. New data must be collected and entered into the data analysis program in the same manner as the archived data so that the past and present data can be compared reliably.

In using this method, the nature of the comparison and the type of analysis must be clearly explained so that the audience understands the limitations of the comparison.

Primary Audience

A comparison of customer satisfaction over time is particularly useful for program planners and policy makers.

At this time, no data are available for a comparison of ASCI scores over time.

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